GPT Sites

             Cashel is another version of Points2Shop but the only difference is the way your earn points. On Points2Shop you earned points but on cashel you earn cash. Don't forget it is not that hard to go into negative money meaning you will do offers to bring it back up to positives. You can withdraw your money to PayPal (minimum $1.00), check (minimum $5.50, Fee $0.50), Alertpay (minimum $1.00), eGold (no minimum), Liberty Reserve (no minimum), Amazon GC (minimum $10.00) same as Best Buy, Gamestop, Target (ONLINE ONLY), Future Shop (minimum $30.00), Go Daddy GC ( minimum $5.00) If you want to sign up click cashle.   

                        Points2shop is one the best GPT sites ever. They have some Daily Click ads for 1 points. When you start you get 250 points. They have a HUGE choice in rewards. You can try low cost gallery when you start. But they basically have ALL of amazon products on there. They have games section. You can create a Team and compete against other teams for merits. They have Jackpots if you are lucky you can win points. You can play games and earn points as well. But those games do cost to enter in. When you complete an offer you get to play spin2win. You can win merits, sweepstakes entries or tickets to the jackpot. This is a LEGIT site. I have received 3 things from them. I forgot to take pictures as proof. They also have a second section of the site called which I will explain in the next post. Stay tuned. I verify this site.