PTC Sites

                  Clicksia is another low payout PTC site. You can cash out when you reach $1.00. They pay via PayPal. There are FOUR way to earn on clicksia. One is obviously is clicking on ads. Another is pay to sign up. You complete offers than you put your username/email you used to sign up and any extra information emailed to you. Next is traffic exchange. This will allow you to show your own ad or site/ref link. The last is promoting clicksia. Like this ...   
  . This will give you about $0.0001 per click. And if you are like people will also have a chance to sign up via your referral link. I am neutral about this site. If you want to join go head and click the Clicksia ad above or click clicksia.


        is a pretty good PTC site. They allow Standard users to click on 4 ads each day. I'm pretty sure they are all worth $0.01. If you wnat more you will have to upgrade your account by buying Golden membership or Ultimate. Ultimate get you $0.02 ads per click.  To withdraw you need to have at least $2.00 and have 60 or more click. You can withdraw to Alertpay or PayPal. Until I get paid I'm neutral about this site. If you want to sign up click Onbux.

        is a new PTC site. You can click 4 ads per day. This make $0.06. If you are a gold member you can click up to 30 ads per day. You can cash out when you reach $5.00. You can withdraw to Alertpay and/or PayPal. You can Rent Referrals. The first "
10,000 members receive Free pioneer plus get $1 to purchase balance to use for buying banner 25,000 banner views"  this will happen.  You can join this site by clicking RelaxBux.
For now I am neutral about this site. 

      is a low payout PTC site. Here you can cash out at $1.00. They pay out to PayPal and Alertpay. When you start you get 31 pages of ads. NO JOKE. This site has A LOT of ads on it. There are also about 6 to 10 pages of ads added to your profile. When I started it took me 3 days just to reach the limit to withdraw. You can also get Game Tokens which you can redeem for amazon giftcards. Their ads go from $0.0001 to $0.002. I truly do recommand this site. To sign up click Jillclickcorner.

Payment Proof:

       Neobux has been around since 2008. They are trust able and pay out instantly. If you want to join click Neobux right there and sign up. They pay via Paypal, Alertpay, and or NETTELLER. The have ads from $0.001 to $0.010. Usually there is 5 $0.010 ads and about 5 to 6 $0.001 ads. But don't be scared by these low numbers you will make about $3.00 after about a month. It is just clicking ads so don't expect more. You can cash out once you reached $2.00. This is a old, trusted site and i do verify this site. 

Payment Proof :